• Bobby Lee, the founder of BTCC, is confident in Bitcoin’s future and believes it is regaining momentum.
• He sees cryptocurrencies as a form of financial refuge and praises US and Hong Kong for their regulations.
• Lee advocates for tighter regulation to combat illegal fundraising.

Bobby Lee’s Confidence in Bitcoin Future

Bobby Lee, founder and chief executive officer at crypto wallet firm Ballet, voiced confidence in the future of bitcoin during a recent interview on Bloomberg TV. After enduring a bear market that lasted for a whole year and drove bitcoin’s price to low, he believes the cryptocurrency market is on the verge of finally breaking through the clouds of lengthy decline. He also stated that digital currency is now returning and regaining momentum as “we’re seeing signs of a Spring for Bitcoin”.

Bitcoin as Financial Refuge

Lee views bitcoin as a form of financial refuge instead of conventional forms of fiat currency. He claims that people realized when their money is not in the bank, it could be lent out to other businesses or firms; whereas cryptocurrencies like bitcoin provide self-custody stability that allows people to manage their finances and control their assets entirely.

Regulatory Climate

Lee praised US for having the most developed regulatory environment compared to other countries when it comes to cryptocurrency regulation. He has advocated for tighter regulation for over a decade due to illegal fundraising concerns. Moreover, he was enthusiastic about Hong Kong’s adoption of cryptocurrency legislation which shows worldwide movement towards more acceptance and control over digital currencies.


It appears Bobby Lee remains bullish on bitcoin despite its past tumultuous journey throughout 2020-2021 due to his belief that it will regain momentum soon while also being seen as a secure financial refuge compared to fiat currency systems with its self-custody features allowing users full control over their assets with tight regulations in place by governments around the world such as US and Hong Kong to prevent illegal activities from taking place using cryptocurrencies such as BTC.



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