Secure Your Crypto With Shiba Inu’s Cold Wallet: Pre-Orders Now Open

• Shiba Inu has announced pre-orders for their SHIB-themed cold wallet.
• The wallets are developed with Swiss firm Tangem and can handle 6,000 coins.
• Shiba Inu’s price is experiencing a slight decline in the current market session.

Shiba Inu Unveils Pre-Orders For Cold Wallet

Shiba Inu has officially announced that pre-orders for its SHIB-themed cold wallet will begin on May 29th. Developed with the Swiss firm Tangem, this robust wallet can handle over 6,000 coins and is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. Designed to be user friendly and secure, these wallets are intended to be used as a safekeeping for digital assets.

Features of the Wallet

The SHIB cold wallet offers users several features such as purchasing cryptocurrency, saving funds, sending and receiving transactions securely, and backing up their original card in case of any mishaps. This wallet also enables investors to conduct secure transactions due to its low cost and strong security features.

Current Market Performance

Currently, Shiba Inu’s price is exhibiting volatility in the market session as it fails to boast any gains so far today. Over a 24 hour period, the asset experienced 0.3% reduction in price valuation according to CoinMarketCap data while its trading volume had dropped by 5%.

Impact on Shiba Inu Network

The release of this new cold wallet is anticipated to surge widespread interest in the Shiba Inu network as customers will have access to 2,000 wallets through pre-order sales alone. Many believe that this development could potentially help increase the value of SHIB tokens due to higher demand from investors who wish to take advantage of its security features.


Overall, the launch of these cold wallets could provide an extra layer of protection for digital assets stored on them while also making it easier for investors to transact securely without fear of theft or loss of funds due to its backup feature. It remains unclear what impact this product would have on SHIB token prices but many speculate that they may experience an increase once it becomes available for purchase later this month.