After PayPal, Visa? The CEO of the electronic payments giant has communicated his interest in cryptocurrencies. But only certain cryptocurrencies …

Visa takes a look at cryptocurrencies

Visa CEO Alfred Kelly made the remark in an interview with CNBC in mid-November. Asked about Visa’s actions in the cryptocurrency sector, he explained:

“The crypto asset s is a global payments sector development. They are at an early stage right now, and we are very interested in cryptocurrencies . ”

Will Visa then follow in the footsteps of Crypto Bank, which recently opened up cryptocurrency purchases and sales to its users ? Not really, according to Alfred Kelly. Visa CEO explains that the company is not interested in cryptocurrencies that are unrelated to fiat currencies:

“We are interested in the crypto that can ultimately be based on d u fiat , so that there is a clear understanding of the value [that is exchanged] for a purchase of goods or services. ”

Cryptocurrency services with Visa?

The CEO recalls that the company is already working with 25 crypto companies, to build bridges between Visa payments and cryptocurrencies. Alfred Kelly further explains that the company is monitoring the development of central bank digital currencies (MNBCs):

“We expect to work with central banks around the world , to help them develop a digital currency for the future. In the end, I can consider digital currency transfers on our Visa network on a more regular basis. ”

The CEO of Visa explains that his company wants to be “ at the heart” of the development of new means of payment, including cryptocurrencies… In particular in emerging markets , where many people do not have a bank account. But he still recalls that according to him, the arrival of cryptocurrencies on the Visa network ” will take a few more years” .

We therefore note the caution of Visa, which does not comment on “classic” cryptocurrencies and prefers to mention crypto-assets based on fiat. But if the giant wanted to speed up its consideration of crypto, it could give a new boost to the sector , as was the case with PayPal.

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